Tazartes and David Fenech and others on demosaurus records

David Fenech has been an active composer, performer, and improviser for over ten years in france. his works include acoustic, electronic, tape, and digital media, including sound installations and film scores. born in july 1969 (at the same time men were walking on the moon), David had a guitar for his 10th birthday and never ceased making music since then.

quote from Mutant Sounds..."Another one of France's most idiosyncratic talents, Tazartes has since the mid-70's mined a sui generis universe of berserk intoning and wailing glossolalia vocalization, rough hewn tape collage and loose ethno-instrumental mulch, all elements frottaging each other against their inherent grains to much screwy amusement. This late 90's work does to a certain extent temper some of the more proactively fucked and densely layered machinations of his 70's era recordings, though however much he might have reigned in his displays, this is still the work of a world class mad hatter. The start of the eponymous title suite begins with Tazartes in maximal looning-in-the-shower mode as he cheerfully bleats along with scratchy old 20's era 78's; a bare-bones first salvo for a suite that's amongst Tazartes sparsest. It's a deeply mental display, yet oddly effecting in some inscrutable fashion and it's precisely this sort of ferreting out of latent emotionally charged content in the middle of dadaland that is a hallmark of this inscrutable character's whacked methodology and self-evident genius". CLICK For More

ghedalia tazartes

les ivrognes amoureux
voyage a l'ombre (part 6)
chanson d'automne

frank pahl
lost cork
ode to ukes 3

david fenech

odette from Polochon Battle
theme for alix (w/ klimperei) from Polochon Battle
mister master from Grand Huit
love that feel unreleased, with david fenech quartet
heeels from La Pluie et le beau temps
berlingo from Musique du jouet
le bruit des grenouilles from Blokhiton
pakistani space mission from Maisie and The incredible strange choir of Paracuwaii

david fenech + james plotkin

the return of blind courage from Strings and Stings

david fenech + moka

les vaches from Les Vaches

click here for their album site, with lots of fabulous links to french sound/composers

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