wonderful little ditties from WFMU - the best. Start with Michelle and then once warmed up go strait to the Rubber Room

Found Sound/Field Recordings
Michelle Lemay - "Manic Monday" MP3 | RealAudio from Irwin's show


"I can'€™t eat and I can'€™t sleep. Lord, I can'€™t even live in peace.
Please take me baby for your slave. And save me from that early grave."

Insane Asylum (MP3)

Screamingjayhawkins 2. SCREAMING JAY HAWKINS ~ I Hear Voices
"I long so much to be where I was before I was me.
My mind can'€™t stand the strain. Wow if my heart
could help the pain."

I Hear Voices (MP3)

Porterwagoner 3. PORTER WAGONER ~ The Rubber Room

"Illusions in a twisted mind to save from self destruction...where a
man can
run into the wall till his strength makes him fall and lie
still and wait for help."€

The Rubber Room (MP3)

Lalupe4. LA LUPE ~ Going Out of My Head
"Out of my head, night and day, day and night, and night,
right or wrong, yeah, yeah, uh-huh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,
uh, uh, ay, ah, aaay, yah, ah, ah, aaah, yeaaah, aaah, ah,
oy, eh, ah, oy, yah, ah, oy, eeaaah...."€

Going Out of My Head (MP3)

Bettyhutton5. BETTY HUTTON ~ I'€™ve Got Blue Birds in My Belfry
"€œDo I look funny? Do I look strange? I feel a mysterious change....
I do weird things. I can'€™t help it."

I've Got Blue Birds in My Belfry (MP3)

Dinahwashington 6. DINAH WASHINGTON ~ New Blowtop Blues
"€œI see all kinds of little men, although they'€™re never there.
I tried to push a subway train and poured whiskey in my hair.
I'€™m a gal who blew a fuse."€

New Blowtop Blues (MP3)

Annieross 7. ANNIE ROSS ~ Twisted
"€œThey all laughed at A. Graham Bell, they all laughed at Edison, and also at Einstein,
so why should I feel sorry if they just couldn't understand the idiomatic logic that
went on in my head."€

Twisted (MP3)

Hanksnow 8. HANK SNOW ~ I'€™ve Got a Tangled Mind
"€œI lost a million friends, I'm trudgin' on in the dark. Can't find my way,
don't know where to start. I had a home one time, I left it all behind,
I can't go back."€

I've Got a Tangled Mind (MP3)

Clinteastwood 9. CLINT EASTWOOD ~ I Talk to the Trees
"€œI talk to the trees, but they don't listen to me. I talk to the stars,
but they never hear me."€

I Talk to the Trees (MP3)

Dollyparton 10. DOLLY PARTON ~ The Bridge
"€œMy feet are moving slowly, closer to the edge. Here is where it started,
and here is where I'll end it...."€

The Bridge (MP3)

Ninasimone 11. NINA SIMONE ~ The Desperate Ones
"€œAnd underneath the bridge, the water'€™s sweet and deep. This is their journey'€™s end,
the land of endless sleep. They cry to us for help, we think it'€™s all in fun."€

The Desperate Ones (MP3)

Joebataan 12. JOE BATAAN ~ My Opera
"€œHere comes the doctor to remind me it'€™s visiting day.
Must convince him that I'€™m crazy so my folks will stay away."€

My Opera (MP3)

Sensationalalexharvey 13. THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY ~ Next
"One day I'€™ll cut my legs off, I'€™ll burn my self alive. I'€™ll do anything
to get out of life to survive not ever to be next."€

Next (MP3)

Lennybruce 14. LENNY BRUCE ~ Psychopathia Sexualis
"€œMy second wife was a ten-pound goose named Tex.
I'€™m paranoid and sublimated. In love with a horse that
ain'€™t been spaded."€

Psychopathia Sexualis (MP3)

Johnnieray 15. JOHNNIE RAY ~ Mountains in the Moonlight
"€œSometimes I feel as lost as a leaf, fallen from the tree on which I'€™ve grown.
Panic all around me, the black of night surrounds me like a child who'€™s been
left alone."€

Mountains in the Moonlight (MP3)

Fredlane 16. FRED LANE ~ Rubber Room
"€œI don'€™t slip on the tile in an empty hospital. I don'€™t choke on
my bile. Everything'€™s sunny weather. I'€™m a happy, sappy
son-of-a-gun living in a rubber room."€

Rubber Room (MP3)

Marijata 17. MARIJATA ~ No Condition Is Permanent
"Condition is getting unstable. Aaaaaaaagh."€

No Condition Is Permanent (MP3)

18. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES ~ Institutionalized

"€œAnd they keep on bugging me and it builds up inside,
it builds up inside."€

Institutionalized (MP3)

Napoleonxiv 19. NAPOLEON XIV ~ They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!
"€œI know you laughed. I heard you laugh. You laughed, you laughed and
laughed and then you left. But now you know I'm utterly mad."

They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa! (MP3)

Woodyleafer 20. WOODY LEAFER ~ There Are Drums in My Typewriter
"€œI think I'€™m losing my mind. I'€™ll call up and find out.
Information, maybe you can tell me."

There Are Drums in My Typewriter (MP3)

~~ and here's a bonus track not on the Loony Tunes premium CD ~~

Littlewilliejohn 21. LITTLE WILLIE JOHN ~ Spasms
"Woooooooooooooo! Please save me from going crazy.
You're giving me spasms, baby."

Spasms (MP3)

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