TUT languge using the phonetics of the alphabet

TUT is a secret reading method created by black American slaves. This was done at a time when it was against the law for them to learn to read.


"Now, after more than 250 years of secrecy
, a language used by slaves to protect themselves and their families has been re-discovered. Gloria McIlwain's book on TUT Language is the first and only comprehensive work that covers the history of this almost extinct language. Using more than 150 cleverly designed graphics with TUT-Words, and a glossary of over 130 TUT-Words with English translation, she brings this language into the 21st Century!"

TUT Language spells words using certain English phonics. It, also, creates breathing patterns, which allow correct tongue and lip placement to form sounds an alphabet takes when it becomes part of a word. These unique, orally passed "TUT-Words" were memorized with one's ABC's as a secret, self-taught, basic reading system. From Gloria McIlwain's book, "TUT Language,"
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Anonymous said...

Crazy! My Grandma used to speak this. I thought she made it up! My Father's side of the Family is Creole (N'Awlins, bay-bay)and the elders would speak Tut to talk about people that knew Creole. Used to drive my Mom bananas (she's not Creole). It's a shame that I didn't learn it! Maybe now I can. Keeping the culture alive!

majena mafe said...

Hi dear anonymous...I've ordered the book...I'm into it too... big time, my grandfather spoke something like this too but hes from Ireland... go figure...maybe you can hear it in your sleep?

christie said...

My husband's family speaks tut. It use to drive me crazy until I figured it out one day then he taught me how to speak it. He said his grandmother would speak it and that she was a share cropper and that it came from her parents and earlier, who were slaves.

majena mafe said...

hi christe, thanks for this...I would dearly love to learn it...its disappearing as we speak... so sad

Anonymous said...

My Dad taught my sister and I how to speak this when we were really little...we thought he made it up until a few years ago when I met a friend of my Mom's and she could speak it too!! My sister and I usually speak Tut at family gatherings...like Christmas, it's great because no one knows what we're saying. My mother just tells people to ignore us because we probably aren't saying anything nice...hahahaha (usually true though)