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Finally some good writing on women and numbers after the Spahr and Young essay last year...

overall its quotedly about
"Some of us wished the women poets we admired would write more about poetry and poetics, experimental, post-avant. Some of them weren’t writing about these things at all. Why not? They’re busy, some of us surmised. Some of them were writing about these things, but some of us were greedy, and wanted them to write more. Some of them were men, and some of us wanted some of them to write about experimental women poets, gender performativity on the page, masculinity via grotesque, etc. Wanted some of them to write about some of these things more/at all. What if some of us built a platform? What if the parameters were informal, relatively boundless? What if the form invited conversation and huzzah? But some of us are busy, too. Some of us can’t possibly fit one more dish on our plates, and some of us can’t possibly spin one more plate in the air, and some of us can’t possibly...Well, here’s what some of us offer all of us: It’s a blog, it’s a poetics journal, it’s a platform. From time to time, a post will appear. It will be written by or with a poet whom some of us were curious to hear from. It will be exciting, provocative, fresh, or bombastic. It will go with your eyes and it will make you look ten years younger. It will never stop stop making sense, it will always love you, it will probably work. Discussion in the comment boxes below is ecstatically encouraged, with the understanding not all members of Pussipo are likely to agree on any given topic (oh how rare, and how delicious the disagreements too), not all contributors herein are members of Pussipo, each contributor is the rightful possessor of her or his own opinion, and some contributors may be more inclined to respond to comments directed their way than others. Which is just to say what should be obvious: We are various. We aim to mix it up"...but the dim sum thread is the juiciest at the moment

check out...Delirious Hem.

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