after the Manifesting Literary Feminisms: Drafts, Grafts, Nexus, and Faultlines Conference

Just got the shape of things back again after being in Melbourne for a week for the Manifesting Literary Feminisms: Drafts, Grafts, Nexus, and Faultlines Conference, where Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Susan Sheridan were the key note speakers. Rachel talked about "...Manifesting Literary Feminisms: Thinking into Future Work." Discussions circled round impossible pressures of the uni structures for academics trying to keep their research/creative life flowing, rich and together, lack of publishing opportunities for experimental work, and feminist critical theory...whats the shape of it, and what does feminist criticism mean now? Good questions.

Key note papers great Rachel wrote about key points to consider re the frame of feminist theory. Some wonderful papers too by Rachel Morley on Biography and Eleni Pavlides re Dialogue's of Dora... (possibilities of future collaborations have been discussed).

I left interested in starting a new lit-journal, online at first for distributing theory informed creative/xxperimental texts. If the poetic is to ever be read as theory we gotta get it out there to be read.
Anyway I'm looking into setting one up...more to follow. being at the edge of the academy gives me more room to explore this possibility , bit removed from the strains of that frame. For papers I gave look at essays in LABELS

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