the continental review - poetry on video on poetry

I predict the era of video poetics is imminent-
Ezra Pound, 1952

quote...The Continental Review aims to be:
(1) A forum for video readings of new poetry (2) A forum for video reviews of new poetry
(3) A forum for video interviews on poetics.

It's early days, but the vision is to provide a haven for original video readings, coupled with a number of regular video-reviewers giving their opinions, in (re)embodied real-time, on recent books and issues relating to contemporary fiction, theory, poetry and poetics. The Continental Review thus aims to become the primary stop for video content related to contemporary poetics on the web.

Poetry hasn't missed or resisted the New Media boat, so why should poetry journals? The Continental Review is debuting from its Paris base with the help of a video editor, a webmaster, and a number of extraordinary poets. There will be no monthly or quarterly issues: the site will be continuously updated, on a rolling basis, with new video reviews, readings and interviews. This is an evolving project. Evolution needs your support...end of website quote

This is a great site and idea...possibilities for sounded language open up through digital media...Cole Swenson interview is good...the image is by me


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