essay- a little glossary of big whoppers

Language as stuff is pretty weird… it’s full of tropes, loops, gaps and double distenders (think garters). It makes up stories, does impromptu stand-ins and ‘performs’ for (other) objects… ha! a type of textural drive-by/asylum/squirm comedy when seen under the spotlight, it plies itself as culture in our bodies much like the ‘other’s other’ and goes marching on in the abstract, full of mis-meanings perversely masquerading as the true blue blue truth. Given that it lies along side it also lies, damn it, inside itself. Language, is busy displacing, disrupting and cutting off the depths and heights of how far a human and especially a woman can say or be said to go… show… say and perhaps, yes o dear… be. Its nothing personal its been said, but those limits are whoppers that stifle the Whopa’s of a gals oversized, abnormally normal, paroxysms of excitement and pleasurably pleasured ec-stas-y.

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