a muffled jaw- steps towards a conceptual biography

muffled jaw called blood red molasses by me.

Writing started with a voice in my throat talking about the rub of purls, curly girl, again the face whilst sitting in its lap. It began to be felt whilst launching into the gap of writing about the shape of light inside the body, the shape and sound of it. Gathering the threads of testimony from 500AD to 1400. There were spills of opening happening whilst sitting very very still.

The first shape was closed it was the formal with argument it was just so long and it was either ok or it was not, and nobody could hear it. It did not lie still. It did not lie still. It did not lie still. The train was set to go out of the station. Jill, Jill, Jill wrote of the musculature and saw it, being written as not able to be fit-fitted.

A small piece was shaped on making…instead in stead.

‘six grappled steps in the making

ahhmm,…the making of a move is…

the making of something

“… she had tried… really tried for quite a while now too… to do it, but the animal would not go into the blasted thing. This time she was able to pause though, if only momentarily and acknowledge the ridiculousness of the situation - before she stuffed it down the front of her blouse. And she did feel she didn’t care, didn’t care a hoot if anyone saw, if anyone was looking,…which was something...” ‘

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