fabulous wordsalad radio show

Just discovered Paul Alan's radio show wordsalad

full full full of juicy stuff...a great way to hear word sounded by its writers

“From Stein to Scalapino to Slam”

Wordsalad is a weekly radio program on WSUM featuring recordings of contemporary authors reading from their own works.

Imagine you’re a commuter in a station of the Metro, hearing bits and snatches of conversation as you pass by Modernist, experimental, performance poets, and Language writers.

Wordsalad streams live on Thursdays from 1 to 2 pm Central (American Time) at www.wsum.org and airs at 91.7 FM in Madison, Wisconsin.

Can our slow old broadband in Australia get it? ...

Not to worry, podcasts of past shows available here...


Thankyou Paul Alan

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Anonymous said...

... and thank you so much for your blog, and for the mention, which is much appreciated! I'm always on the lookout for cutting edge writing. I invite any poets who love gertrude stein, leslie scalapino, caroline bergvall, sylvia plath, and exciting slam poets..... to send mp3s of their original readings for airplay.