What is the name of ecstasy?

For Stein embodiment is 'to be' in relationship, in the space articulated by the curl, and this approach verses and “sounds” the silence echoing from the self as shell, as the noun, as a container. As shell, the body remains a fixed metaphor for self, a position Stein continually was in the state of undoing. Light on the body as diagrammed is a metaphor for “the other”. The body as shell sealed in linear space, except in instances of unusual eruption, is a body of darkness. Writing from the middle of that space in a vocabulary of thinking, Stein details brightness:

... and in the bright when they are there it is not only very much to do so which willing and they can it is more meant and if coming having it to do it is without it remarkably in no time which is very well shown yesterday as to be willing need it be whatever they can be without a doubt of whatever it is just made to be not only where they went it is as if not coming to be without that they could as wherever now and then called is more than…. (How to Write 335)

As open, the body as bright is situated nowhere. It is a body un-dark because it has no edge to it. It is between the inside and an outside. It does not begin in time or space, it is a continuum, and as such is unfixable. For Stein, the body is beyond visible and invisible. Unlike the eye that could not see itself, this new body as all bodies is covered in senses that include the sense of speech, “a speak” well beyond the frame.

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