Henri Chopin on the voices carnal powers

Chopin is a French sound poet who envisages that avant-garde poetry will use the fold of mutimedia to effect the complexity of the 'experiment'... 'It is by these experiences, poetic and musical alike, that we will recover our vocal powers, something that written language can never effect... rediscovering, without necessarily knowing where we're going, all kinds of unknown-or supposedly unknown-oral values, and all of the voices carnal powers. This is what sound poetry is inaugurating, over and above all the laws of verification and prosody...' (OuOr la poesie 1998).

...how can this sound be deeply folded back into the text- as the sounded voice of text itself- of the throat centered writer, of the hand, of the rustle and more, of word on the page... where the tongue IS between words? Michel Serres event...

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