Martin Arnold - Alone

"The cinema of Hollywood is a cinema of exclusion, reduction and denial, a cinema of repression. There is always something behind that which is being represented, which was not represented. And it is exactly that that is most interesting to consider." Arnold


Michelle Detorie said...

this blog is tremendous -- so rich! thank you!

majena mafe said...

Hi Michelle, thankyou are you a writer?

Michelle Detorie said...

yes! I actually have an project that you might find interesting. You can read about it here (http://www.daphnomancy.com/daphnokitchen.html) and here (http://www.philly.com/inquirer/entertainment/books/20071028_The_words_go_round_and_round_and_they_come_out_here.html)

and I also edit WOMB poetry; would love to publish something of yours in an upcoming issue--

Best, Michelle

majena mafe said...

Hi Michelle, your project sounds fantastic where can I hear it? I'm busy trying to scribe through voice electronic flute sounds.. its a mess but an interesting one i think...and yes I'd love to submit something to WOMB is there a submission date? Your site is great very fabuloso on the eyes!!