sing sing

sing (sng)

v. sang (sng) or sung (sng), sung, sing·ing, sings
1. Music
a. To utter a series of words or sounds in musical tones.
b. To vocalize songs or selections.
c. To perform songs or selections as a trained or professional singer.
d. To produce sounds when played: made the violin sing.
a. To make melodious sounds: birds singing outside the window.
b. To give or have the effect of melody; lilt.
3. To make a high whining, humming, or whistling sound.
4. To be filled with a buzzing or ringing sound.
a. To proclaim or extol something in verse.
b. To write poetry.
6. Slang To give information or evidence against someone.
1. Music
a. To produce the musical sound of: sang a love song.
b. To utter with musical inflections: She sang the message.
c. To bring to a specified state by singing: sang the baby to sleep.
2. To intone or chant (parts of the Mass, for example).
3. To proclaim or extol, especially in verse: sang his praises.
n. Music
A gathering of people for group singing.

Phrasal Verb:
sing out
To call out loudly.

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